The theory of quantum noise and decoherence, lecture 2

Today I’d like to share the video of lecture 2 of my course on the theory of quantum noise and decoherence in which I give a review of dynamics, both closed and open, in quantum mechanics.

As always, if you want to see more of this kind of thing then please like this video; if you think it sucked then do go ahead and dislike it. And if you want to stay up to date with more content like this then please don’t hesitate to subscribe.

One Response to The theory of quantum noise and decoherence, lecture 2

  1. Dimitris Stefanopoulos says:

    Hello professor. Thanks for the lecture.

    You state at some point that it is an open question in quantum information research: “Can we tell if a correlated state is entangled? We don’t know.

    Are there any references to read on this issue or some key words to google it?

    I feel like I am missing something. At first I though correlation means a statistical correlation of two random variables(one for each system) thus entanglement. But if I understand correctly you here call a correlation the tensor product of two systems (you mention the “previous example”). So I got confused.

    After that thought I got confused in a different way. Since there exists an algorithm (Schmidt decomposition) to write a state as a sum of orthogonal vectors of the composite Hilbert space, why isn’t that enough to deduce if a system is entangled or not?

    It is obvious to me that I am missing something but I can’t clearly understand what. Any relevant read that you can suggest will help a lot. Thank you.

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