I’ve recently been pondering this picture


(Yes, I used comic sans. For a reason.)


3 Responses to Ideas

  1. sflammia says:

    Do you want to start plotting your ideas on this chart? That definitely goes in the right-hand column, but depending on whether you stick with it, top or bottom is a toss up.

    • tobiasosborne says:

      Dear Steve,

      Thanks for the comment! I was more contemplating what are the differences between the top left and bottom right. I think it is very helpful to plot all kinds of data points (e.g., comic sans is arguably a data point in the top left 😉 ) and to think deeply about what is going “wrong”.

      I often hear people say that good science will get noticed; just do good work and you will be successful. These days I’m not at all sure.

      If you use bibliometrics to determine “success”, then I wish I had more points in the top right.

  2. Ashley says:

    You could even add a 3rd dimension: important / unimportant. This might make the diagram harder to read but would open up vast scope for 3d animation…

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